mercredi, janvier 07, 2009


Une face de canaille!!!!
A mischief's face!!!

Chausson prépare quelque chose...
Chausson is up to something...

Intéressant, cette chose transparente!!!
This see-through thing is very very interresting!!!

La preuve!!!!
The proof!!!!

8 commentaires:

Caroline a dit…

Teasel thinks water is fun too - except when she falls in it!

I hope Chausson has lots more fun with it!

Lavender a dit…

LOL! Great shots MP! What a wonderful character he is, I just love him! Hope he doesnt leave wet paw prints all thru the house :)

ritadaphné a dit…

Un castor...? Mais non....!
Le Noureïev de la salle de bain!
Regardons ce magnifique pas de deux croisé......!
On craque pour lui.....!

merlinprincesse a dit…

LOL, Caroline! Cats are supposed to HATE water. But not this one. Once, I felt something strange on my leg, while taking my shower... Chausson was with me! MY GOD! At last, he was not too wet!!!! :)

Yes he does, Lavender... *teehee* !

Quand il est assis, Chausson met toujours une patte en l'air comme ça. Il est meugnon! :))))

Aravis a dit…

My cat dips his paw into the water bowl before drinking from it. He almost always moves the bowl before and/or after drinking from it as well.

But he doesn't love water the way handsome Chausson does!

Tony LaRocca a dit…

An adorable but wet little kitty!

Maria a dit…

Hallo Merlinprincesse,
I was just looking through old posts and I came across your comment. So I followed your link and here I am, after some months, seeing you with a sweet little mischief :) What a cute little cat!
BTW, Canaille is the much better word, it is also used in the German language :)
Does Chausson have a little white moustache???

merlinprincesse a dit…

I'm fascinated to realize how each cat is different, Aravis. I would love to see yours doing his water-routine...hhehehee...

Little paws on teh floor everywhere, Tony... :)

Yes, Maria! A white moustache and white whiskers!!!! :)