vendredi, mars 27, 2009


Chien Chamane de Tchéquoslovaquie.
Chamane Dog From Czekoslovaquia.

Il doit avoir une grand confiance en lui pour pouvoir chasser 2 mauvais sorts et 3 cauchemars!!!

He must have much poise to chase 2 bad lucks and 3 nightmares!!!

4 commentaires:

Connie a dit…

This has great charm!

merlinprincesse a dit…

And he uses all kind of charms for his work... hehehehhe... :)

Madcap Baroness with Teacup a dit…

I wish I had that much poise. Very cute pup but looks a little grumpy. Did you catch him at a bad moment? heehee

merlinprincesse a dit…

Chasing 2 bad lucks and 3 nightmares is a very serious thing, Miss Baroness!!!