mardi, mai 12, 2009


Quai des brumes... Une référence au film français? De temps en temps, un fin brouillard sort du sol... C'est très agréable! Bon pour la peau! :))))

Wharf of Mists.... A reference to the French movie, "Quai des Brumes" (Port of Shadows)...? From time to time, fog comes from the ground... It's beautiful and good for the skin! :))))

Il y a aussi cette belle fontaine. Impossible de ne pas s'y amuser!

And there is also this nice fountain. Hard not to play in it!

5 commentaires:

CanadianSwiss a dit…

Dans le cas d'une visite, if faut passer chez le coiffeur après, et non avant! LOL!

Belles photos :)

merlinprincesse a dit…

Sauf si on adore les frizous! :)

Aravis a dit…

That looks wonderful! I want to go there and play now. :0)

kj a dit…

who is this doll, mp?

merlinprincesse a dit…

It was soooo relaxing, Aravis! The best moments of my vacation, last year! I will go there more often this Summer... :)

She's my niece, KJ! :) My sister lives one block from me so I see both of them very often. Geneviève is my goddaughter too... :)