samedi, novembre 12, 2005

Enough about me, what do you think of me?

Désolé pour mes amis francophones... Mais je n'ai pas envie de traduire tout ce qui va suivre. J'ai eu un "tag" de SPK et je dois dire certaines choses à mon propre sujet. C'est la deuxième fois...

Hello again. I've been tagged for a second time (a different kind of tag this time) by SPK. Here it is...

Welcome to a new edition of "it's all about me". I'll try to make this interesting - so stick with me.

Have dinner with anyone (living or dead): The Dalai Lama
Be this person for a day: Whoopi Goldberg

Website I visit most often: Google Search

Cool thing people may not know about me: I play the piano and learned all by myself.

Cool thing runner up: I'm writing a book. It could take a long time but one day I hope it will be published.

First thing I would do with a million dollars if I won it: Give a part of it to the ones I love

Hobby you are passionate about: Photo, painting, drawing, making things with beads, collage, altered books, artist's books and... blogging.

One thing I love about myself: I'm intelligent.

My dream car: A car that would'nt cause any pollution.

Admired trait in others: Honesty.

Take 3 things to a deserted island: Wireless internet, a T.V. with all the STAR TREK movies and shows and.... chololate.

On my "to do" list longest: Redo my apart.

Dream job: C'mon! Movie Director.

Besides family, who do you talk to the most? My friend Théo.

Most hated famous person: I hate nobody.

Favorite toy/gadget: The Internet....LOL

Three words you hope people use when describing you: Funny, Intelligent, Passionate.

I challenge you bloggers out there: Copy this and use it on your blog. Let people get a little peek into your life. Just make sure your clothes are on when we do. Also, give a little credit over here, would ya?

3 commentaires:

andrea a dit…

I love the things you'd take to a desert island ... escpecially chocolate! :)

-SPK a dit…

My favorites:

-The piano - I wish I had ANY talent

-Star Trek - I wouldn't admit this!

well done....

merlinprincesse a dit…

Andreà: In fact I'm a chocolate addict...
SPK: I've seen all the series many times ( thanks to syndication).And the movies. I own all the movies and all the series on DVD excetp THE NEXT GENERATION... I'm still resisting... But. Oh and those days, I'm listening to the DVDs of Enterprise... Sooo I'm a Tkekkie or to be politically correct, a Trekker... LOL