mercredi, décembre 20, 2006


Voici mon illustration (en retard) pour Illustration Friday. Le thème est "HELP*. Et c'est ce que je ressents quand je vais au centre d'achat. Tout le monde semble dire "Au secours!!! Je ne suis pas prêt pour Noël"... :)
Here is my (late) illo for Illustration Friday. The theme was *HELP*. And this is what I feel when I go to the mall... Everybody seems to say "Help!!!! I'm not ready for Christmas!!! " :)

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Katsta a dit…

hahahaha!! trop drôle!!!! :) en tout cas, ca represente bien l'état d'esprit du pré-temps des Fêtes!!

Aravis a dit…

Very funny, and an accurate portrayal of me yesterday. *G*

steve a dit…

Ha ha! Great depiction of the commercial insanity that is so common this time of year. That's why i avoid the mall altogether! Anyhow, hope you found what you wanted.

Caroline a dit…

Funny and too true!

Merry Christmas to you xxx

Anonymous a dit…


*that's me on the poster*

Anonyme a dit…

I am glad I am not alone in this feeling... I am glad that you are not alone. ha-ha-ha!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Kat: Il faut se limiter ou se préparer d'avance pour ne pas devenir complètement zinzin.... :) Y a de l'abus dans le shopping!!! :)
Aravis: Did you have trouble finding MY gift? Mwhahahahah! Nononono.... Just joking! :)

Steve: Usually, I begin buying my gifts many months in advance... But this year...oups... I manage to do well though. No depression or crazyness...yet... :P

Caroline: This is sometimes how I feel when I go to the mall.... But just in my head...Hheheheh. I try not to go there too often... :)

Anon: You on the poster? You have changed your hair color? Nonononono this is Anonymerlinpringhost.... :) I am modelling those days, for bad advertizing... :)

Albina: Maybe we should stop shopping....mmmmm....NEVER!!!!! :)))

Anonyme a dit…

I love this illustration :) Happy Holidays!

Detlef a dit…

I know and share the feeling, may your Xmas be a scream!

Anonyme a dit…

I manque juste un Godzilla ou un King Kong de Noël :-D

carla a dit…

I am always afraid of the mall, but never more than this time of the year! I'd be one of the screamers, running as fast as I could to get away! You really did capture the madness well:>

Anonyme a dit…

I feel your pain!!! Great illo :)

LDahl a dit…

I am plotting how to stay out of the malls this year:)))

God, this is so funny! I laughed out loud the minute I saw it loading..... you have caught the Spirit of Christmas Shopping! (or zombies are on the loose again!!!)(or both:)))

love it love it!
Merry Xmas!

Anonyme a dit…

Too real!!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Lee: Happy Holidays to you! :)

Detlef: Silent Scream!

Mei: Exactement mon impression!!!! :)

Carla: Madness is the right word... I hope one day, we will all understand the true meaning of Christmas... :)

Lolo: Thanks! :)

Lilah: Zombies!!!??? LOL!!! Now YOU make me laugh! :D

Mushroom.... Her's a little smile from Merlinpimprenelle.... :)

Clo a dit…

Alors????? On va au BOXING DAY cette année????? :O)

Sooooooo?????? How about BOXING DAY this year????? :O)

ritadaphné a dit…


Es-tu malade???

nanuk a dit…

Merry Christmas, MerlinPrincesse!!!

merlinprincesse a dit…


Hello Nanuk! Glad you're back! :))))