jeudi, octobre 11, 2007


Premier août 2006
August the First 2006

J'adore le son du didgeridoo. Pendant que Mei visite la Tour, j'écoute la musique fascinante de ce jeune homme.
I love the sound of the didgeridoo. While Mei visits the Tower, I listen to the fascinating music played by a young man.

Je parle ensuite avec le jeune homme. Il me dit qu'il vient de Winnipeg, qu'il joue de son instrument depuis déjà quelques temps et que son rêve est d'aller en Australie se perfectionner avec des maîtres du didgeridoo... Je lui réponds que j'espère qu'un jour in réalisera son rêve... :)

Then I talk a bit with him. He tells me that he is from Winnipeg, that he has been playing for some time now and that his dream is to go to Australia to learn with some Digeridoo Masters. I tell him that I hope he will realize his dream... :)

3 commentaires:

Lavender a dit…

I LOVE 'dig' music, its got such a surreal sound - I also hope he can travel here and experience it in its homeland that would be very cool for him!

Anonymous a dit…

He will make it here one day ... I just 'know' :)

merlinprincesse a dit…

Didgeridoo is a spiritual music! Love it so much! Must have been an inhabitant of Australia a long time ago... :)
And I've got the feeling too that he will realize his dream! :)