dimanche, novembre 17, 2013

THE TALE OF A GIRAFFE (first part)

Cette nouvelle ne sera publiée qu'en anglais. Je m'en excuse auprès de mes amis francophones, mais il s'agit d'un exercice dans le cadre du cours sur internet "2013, Year of the Giraffe". 
This novel will be published only in English since it's an exercise for the "2013 Year of the Giraffe" class, on the net. 

(First part)

Chapter One

This strange story begins in a far future where man is no more...

                Once upon a time in a magnificent Kingdom lived a very happy King and his very happy Queen. Their people were called “The Giraffes”.
                Basile, the King giraffe, was proud and was wearing an impressive mustache. His Queen Anita had the longest lashes one could imagine and was smiling all the time. Alas! Under the surface, Basile and Anita were not so happy. They didn’t have an heir. They had been married for five years and no little giraffe was expected. Each month, Basile was hoping for some good news but Anita was never giving them. The couple had tried all kind of medicines and even some magic, but nothing was happening.
                Then one day, Anita was pregnant. It was such a surprise than at the beginning, both the future parents didn’t believe it was happening. But when Anita’s belly became bigger and bigger, Basile and his Queen found themselves smiling with proudness all the time.
                The pregnancy went well and so did the delivery. Little Giroflée came into this world on the 30th of May 12,953. And she seemed perfect, at first. Her childhood was almost without history. Like all the kids, she had got some bruises and bumps from riding her bicycle or running too fast. But all in all, her life has been as ordinary as the life of a little princess could be. The only thing that was bothering her parents was that she had a shorter neck thank usual. It was not so evident at first and King Basile and Queen Anita were hoping that the neck would grow back to normal as soon as Giroflée would reach her teen years. But it didn’t…

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