mardi, novembre 19, 2013

THE TALE OF A GIRAFFE (Second Part) by Clawa Moopsie

Cette nouvelle ne sera publiée qu'en anglais. Je m'en excuse auprès de mes amis francophones, mais il s'agit d'un exercice dans le cadre du cours sur internet "2013, Year of the Giraffe".
This novel will be published only in English since it's an exercise for the "2013 Year of the Giraffe" class, on the net. 


As her Raffeez celebration was approaching, her neck was still too short. Not that the teen Giroflée or any of her friends were bothering. In fact nobody except her parents was worried. The little Giroflée had a really great sense of what could be changed and what could not. She was a funny, curious and intelligent little girl and she was beautiful. And like all her friends, she was frantically preparing for her Raffeez party.
                Raffeez is an important event for all the little giraffes. It’s a coming of age but it also happens when the teen reaches the age of 13. In the four or five days following that day, the giraffe gets his/her “powiraff”, or the power to fly or to teleport. At that moment the little wings of the giraffe begins to show and some teguments are growing on their back. If they get the power of teleporting, a blue dot appears on their forehead. It takes some years before the Powiraff gets to its full resolution, but it’s still the most exciting moment in the teen giraffe’s short life.
                Giroflée was not only intelligent and joyful, she was very happy.  She was loved by both her parents. She had some cool cousins, Anaïs and Fanny the twins born on the same year as her and a very best friend, Mirabelle the artist. She was also cherished by both her grandmothers, Raffie and Dottie.
                Above all, she had learned all the secrets of the Raffeez since grandma Raffie was the great priestess of the community.  No “Song of the Raffeez”, no incantation was unknown to her and Giroflée had often heard from her grandmother say that she would follow her path.
                Giroflée’s maternal grandmother was more down to earth. Since the tragic death of both her grandfathers and her auntie in an accident many years ago, Grandma Dottie had to take care of her twin cousins Anaïs and Fanny who had the tendency to be some spoiled brats. Dottie was always running here and there, doing the dishes and the dusting, planting and plowing her garden, preparing good healthy meals and jams. She even had the time to be the vice-president of the Karaoke Club and the president founder of the “Cats’n Dogs Refugees”, a place where all the lonely pets were welcome, cared for and fed. 

                Pets were present in all families and cherished by their owners, but sometimes, some animals were coming from “The Outside World”.  As the giraffes had continued their evolution to pacific bipeds, cats and dogs who were now vegetarians, had stayed the same and were always the favourite pets around the house. Except they were now talking…

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