mercredi, mars 30, 2016

Je reviens bientôt car je prends ma retraite dans deux jours!

Coming back soon since I retire in two days!

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kj a dit…

ms merlin princesse, i will like your return very much! our blogs have changed and lessened since Facebook hit the scene, but i love it here still. it will be nice to visit you again! and you'll be painting? and telling some silly stories too?


merlinprincesse a dit…

Yup..... Blogging to show my art and tell some stories about my 3 cats... silly cats... lol:) Princesse died a few months ago. I adopted Chausson in 2008, after the death of Merlin, then in 2013, there was an alley cat roaming on my patio. He had no mamma or papa, so I adopted him too. His name is Maurice or Le Momo. Recently, I have adopted a nice calico at the SPA. Her name is Pucci. :) She's a sweety and the BOSS of the house.
KJ! Are you on FaceBook? . I post mostly there now. I have an artist page called Hélène Villeneuve- Merlinprincesse and by there you can access my Hélène Villeneuve regular FB page. You will see all my recent creations.