jeudi, octobre 20, 2005


Originaire des Prairies canadiennes, Prairie Girl vit maintenant dans une petite ville allemande. Son blog est très instructifs. Elle nous parle de son nouveau coin de pays et de ses coutumes. C'est aussi une excellente photographe, pleine d'imagination. Mais ce sont ses photos de coccinelles qui m'ont le plus impressionnée. Pour les trouver, vous devez aller dans ses archives. Bonne visite!
Prairie Girl has moved from the Canadian Prairies to Germany. In her very enlightening blog, she talks about her new adoptive country and about its costums. She also is a very good and creative photograph. I particularly like her ladybugs pics. To find them one have to search in the archives part of her blog. Have a nice visit!

Guest Photograph: Prairie Girl.

3 commentaires:

Prairie Girl a dit…

Wow! Thank you so much MP.

Just today I found a ladybug in my jacket but I didn't photograph instead I just set it under the rhododendron bush.

You are very kind.

Prairie Girl

Alina Chau a dit…

Lovely photo!!

andrea a dit…

I want to touch those leaves!