samedi, octobre 15, 2005


I've been tagged by Andrea... I have to post 20 random facts about MOI. I also have then to tag some people: write the facts, calculate how many minutes it took and write the names of some people in the same period of time it took me to write those things about me. I WILL write those facts. I find it fun... But I will change the rules... Will not tag anyone. Instead, I will let you choose if you want to be TAGGED. Just let me a comment, (or a message in my e-mail) if you want to be in the tagged list, and I will change this post accordingly and add your name... Here I go with my list!!!
1- I'me single
2-Whoopie makes me laugh . She's funny and seems to be so nice, and happy.
3-Oprah makes me cry. She's rich and wonderfully intelligent and beautiful and yet, she has to follow those crazy diets...
4-My favorite actresses are.... Whoopie and Barbra...
5-I'm a fan of Richard Dean Anderson.
6- I'm a Trekkie.
7-I love the Monthy Pythons.
8- I've already met one of the Monthy Pythons...
9-I had a car accident.
10- I have some memories of past lifes and it's not fun.
11-I'm a chocolate addict
12-I've been taking pics since the age of 11 and still have all the negatives.
13- I'm the oldest of three.
14- I have 3 wonderfull, intelligent nieces. Two have been adopted.
15-I love to blog (is that a surprise).
16-I never liked school.
17-Have two University degrees. Pharmacy and....Art.
18- Still love The Beatles. Was in love with John at the age of ten.
19-My father died of leukemia ten years ago. My mother is 80.
20-Have to cats. Guess what their names are.... Merlin and Princesse. LOL
Ouf..... It took me 8 and a half minutes..... Andrea is better than me...
And still no one in my tag list... YOUPPI! (Glurp)

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Prairie Girl a dit…

Bonjour MP,

I don't wish to play the game (at least right now) but I do want to say that I love this photo of you.

Such expression! Colours, texture, composition -- absolutely everything about it is perfect.

Truly a masterpiece!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thanks PG. I'm blushing...

andrea a dit…

The photo is another amazing one. Is your hair really that colour?Thanks for playing -- so much fun. I have to agree with you on #s 7, 11, 12 (except I was 10), 15 and 18!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thanks Andrea. Not my real color. This was about 2 yeasr ago. I try to keep my hair darker but my color alway comes back to a kind of reddish orange with some blond. Damn... AHHHH photoshopppppp. Maybe I shoud bring this pic to my hairstylist and tell her: THAT'S WHAT I WANT!!!OK!???!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello, dear fan of Whoopi and Barbra

Here are some information that will interest you
Whoopi Goldberg's real name is
Caryn Johnson.(I do not why she changed it, Caryn is quite lovely compared to Whoopi!!!)
Born: novembre 13, 1955 in New York City, NY.

Real name of Barbra : Barbara Joan Streisand
April 24, 1942.

Dana Scully

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thanks Dana... I can always count on you for some trivial information (but very interesting) Say hello and give a big smuschy kiss to Mulder...

Calvin a dit…

Now I know how you got your name. :)