dimanche, octobre 23, 2005


Octobre, c'est le mois des anniversaires de mes deux filleules, Patricia (12 ans) et Geneviève (11 ans). Depuis qu'elles sont toutes petites, je les photographie. Elles sont si belles. Mais voilà que ces adolescentes ne se laissent plus aussi facilement prendre en photo par matantélène... Soupirs...
October. My two goddaughters are one year older. Happy Birthdays! Patricia is now twelve and Gene is eleven. Since they were babies, I've taken a lot of photos of them. They are so cute! But now, those two teens don't want to be in my pics anymore... I guess that's what teenage is all about. Independance. Sigh.
Gene: T'es certaine????? Patou: OUAIP!
Gene: Are you sure???? Patou: YEP

YO !!!

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Calvin a dit…

AHHHH! I can't read french!!! Are these baby and current pics? They are both cute!