dimanche, mars 04, 2007


Regardez ce que j'ai reçu cette semaine!!!! :) Les CAE sont des cartes d'artiste échangeables. Le premier à avoir eu cette idée est un Suisse. Depuis, l'idée a fait le tour du monde. Le principe est simple. Il faut faire une carte de 2.5 par 3.5 pouces. On peut utiliser n'importe quelle technique artistique. Mais la carte doit être échangée, jamais vendue. Pour en savoir plus sur le sujet, suivez ce lien.

Look what I got this week!!! :) ATCs are artist trading cards. The first who had the idea was a man from Switzerland and since, the idea has been all around the World. Thi principle is simple. One must make a 2.5 by 3.5 inches card using any artistic technic. But the card must be exchanged, never sold. To know a bit more about the subject, follow this link.

Il y a deux semaines, Clo, Gene et moi avons décidé de faire des cartes d'artiste. Gene a finalement préféré travailler sur son album de finissants. (Elle entre au secondaire en Août).
Two weeks ago, Clo, Gene and I decided to make some ATCs.... Gene finally changed her mind and worded on her class album (She's going to Highschool next year)

J'avais préparé tout mon attirail d'artiste.
I had prepared all my artistic stuff!

Du papier.
Some paper.

Quelques images.
Some images.

Des étampes.
Stamping stuff.

Mes deux premières!
My two first ones!

Ma première carte. Ma photo préférée des deux tourterelles!
My first ATC. My fave pic of turtledoves.

Je ne pouvais pas ne pas utiliser une photo de Merlin!
I could not forget my Merlin!

Et le numéro trois, ma défunte Capucine!
And the third one, my late Capucine.

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Joy Eliz a dit…

Yea! An artistic weekend! double yea!! Your cards look so cute :)

Anonymous a dit…

Looks like it was LOTS of fun! I am interested as to 'when' this was invented by man in Switzerland because my GGrandmother did this. Perhaps it is the name he invented?

merlinprincesse a dit…

Joy. I've seen yours on your Flick'r. Maybe some day we will exchange...Hheheh !)
Anon: I've sent U a link.

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks for link 1997 hehehheee - yes just the 'trade' name. I was doing this before that year we called it an 'exchange'!

merlinprincesse a dit…

OK... Just for you Hell...oups... Anon. And even if I have a bad cold and my nose and eyes are dripping. Here are some excerpt from the book I show on my post. "Although miniature work of art created in cards gave been around for centuries, the modern-day concept of ATCs was conceptualized by artist m.vänci stirnemann in 1996. In May 1997, stinerman held a gallery showing of 1,200 cards at the INK.arr&text bookstore in Zürich, Switzerland, for which he collaborated with artists Cat Schick and Gido Dietrich. Those attending the show were told that if they wanted to acquire a card that was on display they should bring in one af their own creations to trade for it. A movement was then born that denouced the tradition of critiquing and appraising art, and embraced the process of one artist connecting with another. One attendee fo the first trading session in.....was Canadian Don Mabie... was so enthused by the concept of artists sharing with one another in this way that he brought the idea home with him to Calgary and held the first North American trading session....... The First International Biennial of ATC included eighty artists from different countries and took place in 09-2000...

Mademoiselle Princesse says pfffffffff too... And maybe a little *vomit*... :)

Anonymous a dit…

I forgot Australia isn't really counted in the world *pffffft* Australian artists and females in particular (like GGGrandmother in Czechoslovakia) didn't really exist, and less so back in the old and not so old days like when I did this same thing in the 80s but not with a copyrighted name by a man consisting of three trendy letters. Hhehheeeee. *vomit*

Aravis a dit…

These are wonderful! I've heard of ATC's; it's fun to see them made. :0)

CanadianSwiss a dit…

Parfois, on ... ahem .... j'ai tendance à oublier que bricoler serait un passe-temps amusant à reprendre :)

L'histoire derrière le CAE est très intéresante. Je n'aurais pas pensé que le concept "officiel" était si récent.

Mei Shile a dit…

J'apprends quelque chose. Je ne connaissais pas le concept mais ça me rappelle les icônes russes (peut-être d'ailleurs). Une icône ne se vend jamais. Trop sacrée. On doit l'échanger.

Jozee a dit…

These are great and the pics too!
I have to go make some more!
I hope you feel better soon!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Anon: You are right on many points, dear! I KNOW those exchanges have been made many many years ago.... The man has only *extended" the idea.... And I know that women are considered less important in arts! It's not only in Australia, it's everywhere in the World... Not only in arts.... IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES! *supervomit* You would LOVE what my mom has to say about that....Hhehehe! BTW... A WOMAN wrote that wonderful book..... :)

Aravis: Making them is fun... Sister made some really nice 3-D ones! :)

Sandra: Ça pourrait te permettre de passer le temps en attendant de revenir au Canada.... :)

Mei: Les Japonais faisaient déjà des échanges entre artistes il y a plusieurs centaines d'années... :)

Jo: I had a really crazy day at word and all the viruses are gone... They've been afraid of the place I work....Hhehheeh...

Anonymous a dit…

The 'official concept' date is probably related to what the 'art world' has labelled as a 'movement'. Although there have been many 'exchanges' in the past, once again art history is rewritten and 'The ATC movement' is recorded fashion for the history books.

Have a look at the 'Gorilla Girls'! They fight this very same combat :)


Ginnie a dit…

Oh, what a fantastic idea, MP. I LOVE trading cards (sold hundreds of them on eBay of the 1996 Olympics from Atlanta). But I really like the idea of swapping cards and not buying them. How fun is that! It's wonderful that you can have a creative outlet like this.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you dear Ginnie. Swapping small pieces of art for me is really fun. It allows me to have some small parts of art from friends, and even from people that I don't know about at all! :) I'm a collector!!! :) Maybe some day I will show you more...

Mademoiselle Princesse a dit…

My slave is gone for 12 hours of hard work so I HAVE THE KEYBOARD FOR MIOOOOOUUUUAAAAWWW ALONE! I agree with you, Hellcat Anonymus in disguise! After all, my slave has a degree in Art History!!! She told me a lot about women not being there. The "official art" is nice but has not enough women. I have taken a look at those "Gorilla Girlzzz"... VERY interresting! I am only beginning to understand why most of us, Hellcats, were girlzzzz! Hheheheh... *vomit*

Tony LaRocca a dit…

Cool! Just throw in some dice & some stats & you've got an RPG we art geeks can play!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Cool idea, Tony! But... Those are made for exchanges...Not for playing... Hhheheheheh...

Joy Eliz a dit…

MP...anytime you want to trade, I'm game! I have a bunch I've yet to load into flickr..

My first experience with trading artistic paper for other goods was the National Currency System...bwahahahahha! (yes, I'm a dork!)

ritadaphné a dit…

Les artistes à l'oeuvre, et c'est magnifique!!! J'aimerais bien tiens...Mais il en faut du stock....!
Ton château est génial et il a tenu?...

Perriette a dit…

Lots of cool stuff. I'm a paper and doodads addict....gimme!

Women are the leaders in "crafts" but men are considered "artists". Pfft!

I've been a long time fan of the guerilla girls. Have you looked at their site, lately, Anon? They are currently taking on Hollywood.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Joy: I have to make more! Will post on Flick'r ! :) It will be an honour to exchange with you! :)))

Tante Rita: Ce n'est pas mon château! J'aimerais bien cependant! C'est la couverture d'un livre que j'ai acheté! :) Je n'ai encore que 3 ou 4 cartes d'artiste de faites... Hhehhe! Pas besoin de tant de stock! Juste du carton, papier, colle et ciseaux peuvent suffire! :) Moi, j'accumule des choses depuis des années!!! :)

Perriette: I think what I do is ART... :) Even if it's called crafting by male chauvinist pigs...Hheheheh. :) NO GIMME ALL MINEEEEE! :)

crazzy piggy a dit…

I am a Male Pig (YES! ANON! I AM!), but I am not chauve! There is some poils on my head!

Clo a dit…

Oups! Excusez la petite intrusion de mon ami Piggy! :O)

Je n'ai qu'une chose à ajouter:

merlinprincesse a dit…

Lol CPiggy! Not chauve! ChauvINIST! Google it my little (male) pig... :)

Clo: Dac à 100%..... ATCATCATCATC!

Anonymous a dit…

Perriette said: "Have you looked at their site, lately, Anon? They are currently taking on Hollywood."

Yes I have Perriette, and my eldest son is studying them for his elective art subject at school! Heehee :)