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31 Juillet 2006
July 31rst 2006
Après avoir passé l'après-midi avec Prairie Girl, nous avons décidé de traverser le pont piétonnier appelé l'Esplanade Riel pour aller visiter la cathédrale et le cimetière de St-Boniface.
After being all the afternoon with Prairie Girl, we have decide to cross the River to visit St-Boniface's Cathedral and Cemetary. We took the Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge.

Le pont piétonnier mesure 5 mètres de haut et 250 mètres de long. Il est situé juste au nord de la jonction des rivières Rouge et Assiniboine. Il relie "The Forks" au quartier français de Winnipeg, Saint-Boniface. Au centre de l'esplanade se trouve un restaurant qui surplombe la rivière. Nous y avons soupé! :) Juste au dessus de l'eau! :)
This 5 metre wide and 250 metre long "people path" is located north of the junction of the historic Red and Assiniboine Rivers, and provides a link between The Forks and Winnipeg French Quarter, Saint-Boniface. A restaurant is in the middle of the Esplanade. We have had Lunch there, just over the water! :)

Le restaurant, au dessus de l'eau.
Restaurant over the water.

6 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

These photographs would have been very difficult for you to 'align'! All those slanted and curved edges ...

Perriette a dit…

We're still on the road? Goodie. Can't wait for the cemetary!

Lavender a dit…

Nice structure - makes the crossing a big event - Id love to have a cuppa at that restaurant - cool place for one. Gorgeous blue sky - great photos!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Yup, Anon! So I closed my eyes and *CLIC* :)
We're only on the FIRST day of my trip, Perriette! It's gonna be a loooooong trip! :)))) Tomorrow, the Cathedral and the Cemetary and maybe *if I have time* ... GHOST! :)
Lavender, Mei was a bit afraid of falling...hhehhehe.... She was checking if the poles were solid! :) I admit it's a bit frightening but since I have Native American blood, I'm not afraid of height...most of the time! :)

Ces a dit…

The sky is so clear. The place looks very clean and the modern architecture delightful.

merlinprincesse a dit…

It is the nicest place of Winnipeg, CES... On one side of the bridge is "The Forks" and on the other side, Old Saint Boniface. The best of both worlds! :)