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Dimanche le 6 août 2006
Sunday, August the 6th 2006

Rouler près du Canyon Fraser fut une expérience très excitante!!!
Riding near the Fraser Canyon was a very exciting experience!!!

La rivière et le canyon Fraser.
Fraser River and Canyon.




J'ai pris cette photo à travers la vitre du train et ça a donné cet effet de diffusion! Pas de Photoshop ici! :)
I took this pic through the train window and it gave this diffusion effect! No Photoshop here!!! :)

Et ces deux images montrent les rapides de la rivière Fraser.
And those two images show the Fraser River rapids.

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Esther Montgomery a dit…


I seem to have left a comment on a post from August.

Aplogies. That was a mistake.

So, I'm putting it here as well.


Hope writing to you in English is ok!

I notice from your 'blogger's profile' that you are interested in time travel.

I am wondering if you would be able to give immigration advice to someone moving here from Mars.

You can contact me through my blog


and I would be very interested to hear from you.

Esther Montgomery

P.S. Are you interested in gardening?

CanadianSwiss a dit…

J'aime vraiment les photos des rapides. Et heureusement que tu as gardée celle (un peu flou, comme tu dis) du petit village (sous "présence humaine"). Ca fait rêver un peu, non? :)

Caroline a dit…

You have been busy!

My favourite image in this sequence is the one of the Bridge. Wonderful lines and shadows too.

Anonymous a dit…

I like the tunnel!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Nono, Esther. The comment was just in the previous post. I'm telling about a travel I made in 2006, so I put the dates at the beginning of each post... But the real date is just before the title... :) For your Martian hubby... I would say... mmmm... keep a low profile... You never know with the FBI and CIA and RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police...hhhehehe). Sadly, I don't garden. I live in the City...Not so much place on my third floor to garden. Though I'm really good with plants.... And flowers. Except for cacti, that I tend to drown... :)
Allo, SAndra!!! :) Contente de te voir! :) Tout passe si vite quand on est dans un train. On prend une photo et paf! on est déjà un km plus loin.... Je ne voulais pas que la petite église tombe dans l'oubli... :)
I have, Caroline! :) But my pics are all ready on draft. Just have to write the texts... My fave pics are the one on the bridge too. This was the nicest part of our train travel!
Mmmm.. Anon.... must have a subconcious meaning... Train in the tunnel... };-}