dimanche, février 24, 2008


Dimanche le 6 aôut 2006
Sunday, August the 6th 2006

Après quelques heures, nous avons finalement vu des êtres humains, et même un village!
After a few hours, we saw some human beings, and even a village!

Changer de voie!
Changing track!

Cette photo est un peu floue, mais je l'aime bien, avec son autobus scolaire, sa petite église et son cimetière. On dirait une photo de "road movie"!
This pic is a bit blurry, but I like it with its school bus, its little church and its cemetary. It looks like an image taken from a "road movie"!

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Esther Montgomery a dit…


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Caroline a dit…

Yes that is a very evocative church and school bus picture - glad you didn't boot it out just because of a little blur!

Anonymous a dit…

I agree, love the bus and church :)

merlinprincesse a dit…

The bus and church pic looks like an episode of the Twilight Zone... Hheheheh... You know, when those big round vegetal things roll on the desert surface.... And there is this very strange music. And we don't know what is going to happen... And.... OK OK I STOP...