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Samedi le 5 août 2006
Saturday August the 5th 2006

Ce soir là, le souper nous sera payé par Via Rail, car nous apprenons que le train aura finalement 5 heures de retard! Nous ne partirons qu'à 20h30... L'attente sera très longue à la gare! Quand nous voyons finalement arriver le train, nous sommes très contentes!

That evening, dinner was paid by Via Rail. We learn that the train will leave only at 20h30... Wainting at the train station was very long and finally seeing the arrival of the train was a great joy!

Un très beau train tout propre!
A very nice and neat train!

Voici ma place!
Here is my place!

Et voici le lapin qui a essayé de voler ma place!
And here is the rabbit who tried to steal my place!

Ça prend 17 heures de train pour voyager de Jasper à Vancouver. Le train doit d'abord monter pendant plusieurs heures, puis redescend vers le niveau de la mer... Le fait que nous ayons tant de retard va nous permettre de voir les magnifiques hauteurs que nous traverserons à la lumière du jour.

It takes 17 hours of train from Jasper to Vancouver. The train first has to climb up in the mountains then must go down to the sea level... The fact that we are so much late will allow us to see the beautiful scenery of the highest places of our travel by daylight!

Notre wagon est privé et semi-privé. Quelques chambres privées sont occupées par des Japonais. Nous partageons une section de 6 lits superposés avec 2 couples âgés d'Américains. Par leur accent, je devine qu'ils viennent du Texas... J'en aurai la confirmation le lendemain matin, puisque je leur demanderai... :)

Our wagon is private and semi-private. Some double bedrooms are occupied by Japanese peoples. We share our semi-private section of upper and lower berths with two couples of Americans in their sixties. By their accent, I can tell that they come from Texas! And I had the comfimation of that the morning after when I asked them... :)

Regarder le paysage défiler par la fenêtre d'un train est hypnotique.
To look at the scenery from a moving train is hypnotic.

MP prend une petite photo d'elle-même...
Mp taking a pic of herself...

3 commentaires:

Caroline a dit…

I like looking out of windows on moving trains too... I'm not so keen on looking out when its stopped no where near a station and there's no message to let you know why!

And I notice you are attempting to get us lazy English only readers to brush up on our French by putting in extra details there...

Anonymous a dit…

Next time make a mini movie of the view out the train window MP! I can't see ... only wizzing pines!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Caroline, I say exactly the same thing in French and English.:))) The difference is that in French, you have to use more words to say the same thing... Sometimes, my French post is a bit different from the English one, but not here... :)
In English, you have more contractions!:)
I really don't know why I did not take mini-movies, Anon...Probably, I was afraid not to have enough memory on my card. I was only left with one card for 1 week, since the other was broken...But for the first part of the trip there were only wizzing pines. You'll see more on my next posts!