dimanche, avril 20, 2008


J'aime le théatre! J'aime y prendre des photos. Les décors et les éclairages sont étudiés, les maquillages outrés, et les costumes... aaaaah! Quant au jeu des acteurs... J'adoooore!!!!
Mariana Pineda de Frederico Garcia Lorca est une pièce excessive qui se passe dans l'Espagne du XIXième siècle. C'est une histoire torride d'amour, de passion et de trahison. Elle a été jouée récemment par les étudiants des secondaires IV et V de l'école où ma nièce Gene va. Et Gene (qui n'est qu'en secondaire I) a été choisie pour y jouer!!! Elle est belle, elle est bonne, c'est Sarah Bernard!!!! Cette petite ira loin!!!! Nous sommes fiers d'elle...

I like theater. And I like to take pics during a show. The settings and the lightenings are carefully designed, the make-up is outrageous, and the costumes... ahhhhh!!!! And for the actors.... I LOVE THEM!!!!
Mariana Pineda from Frederico Garcia Lorca, is an excessive and torrid story of love, passion and trahison in the the XIXth Century Spain. This play has recently been chosen by students of the 4th and 5th grades of the highschool where my niece Gene goes. AND she has been casted for some roles, even if she's only in her first year of highschool!!!! She is beautiful and talented. She's Sarah Bernard!!! This girl will make her way into life! We are very proud of her...

L'histoire commence à Grenade.
Story begins in Grenada.

Maria reçoit la visite de ses meilleures amies. Gene est à droite. Elle a l'air plus vieille que 13 ans... Et elle ressemble tellement à sa mère et à sa grand-mère!!!
Maria has two best friends who come to visit her. Gene is on the right. She seems older than 13... And she looks so much like her mom and her grandmom!!!

Regardez-moi cette pose gracieuse!!!
Look at that graceful pose!!!

Voici Maria Pineda. Derrière elle, le méchant. La jeune actrice a dû apprendre le Flamenco!
This is Maria Pineda. The bad guy is in the background. The young actress had to learn how to dance the Flamenco!

Le méchant!
The bad guy!

Maria et son amoureux. Il la trahira!
Maria and her lover. He will betray her!

Beaux costumes!!!
Nice costumes!!!

Son meilleur ami. Il l'aime mais elle n'a d'yeux que pour son amant!
Her best friend. He loves her but she sees only her lover!

Les conspirateurs. Gene est là!!!
Conspiration! Gene is there!!!

Buvons à la Révolution!!!
Let's drink to Revolution!!!

Encore le méchant.
Bad guy redux.

Celui qu'on aime détester! Le jeune acteur était vraiment très bon!
This is the one we love to hate! The young actor was really good!

Il a du désir pour Maria. Il va essayer de la violer, puis va la tuer...
He has desire for Maria. He will try to rape her, then will kill her...

Bec bec?
Kissy kissy?

Ne me trouve tu pas attirant?
Don't you find me attractive?

Il tue Maria...
He kills Maria...

Maria s'était réfugiée dans un couvent.
Maria had taken shelter in a convent.


Une autre belle nonne!
Another nice nun!

Veillée funèbre près du corps inanimé de Maria. Ainsi se termine la pièce...
Light out near Maria's dead body. This was the end of the play...

Gene et le metteur en scène.
Gene and the director.

Jeunes acteurs.
Young actors.

Toute l'équipe pour la photo finale.
All the actors for the final photo.

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Ces a dit…

Oooh I enjoyed looking at the photographs. I think their costumes are fantastic. Your niece is so pretty. You are right about the makeup but with the lighting, it looks just right.

Bimbimbie a dit…

Just flying in from anon and ces to say hello.

Wow you had a lot of snow *!*

merlinprincesse a dit…

Let me tell you a story about that make-up, Ces! There where 2 representations of that play in March. I went to the first one, on the Friday, cause they where announcing a big stnowstorm for the day after. It was a nice evening, not very cold. All the young actors where wearing heavy make-up, cause the story happens in Spain. They had black sticky stuff in the hair! (The bad guy is blond...hhehehe) And the director put many beauty marks on the girls'faces... But it had to be like that for the lighting was so strong.... On the second representation, the snowstorm began at about 7pm... Since the show was ready, the actors presented it in front of about 30 people. My sis told moi it was better the second time. But when they get out to go back home (about 5 minutes walking) they were in the WORST snowstorm of the Century. Nothing could be seen! Nothing could be heard except the wind. The snow was falling very heavily and the winds where blowing at 130 km/hour from all directions... My sis was protecting my niece the best she could, but since it was not very cold, the make-up ran all over her face.... Hhehehe. And the stuff from her hair too.... She stayed about 30 minutes under the shower to take off all that black thing running on her face, neck and shoulder!!! A night to remember!!!! :)

Hello Bimbimbie! Welcome! Hope you will like my blog! *flying to see yours* ;o)

Caroline a dit…

What wonderful photos of the production - and what a sad story!

Gene has great poise.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you, Caroline! Gene was such a shy little girl!!! But she has been in front of the camera since her birth! And now, playing in a band (she's at music school) and acting help her a lot! :)

Mei Shile a dit…

Les photos me donnent juste le goût d'être là. Une reprise? Gene jouant dans une prochaine pièce (auquel cas j'espère être là)?

merlinprincesse a dit…

Il y a eu seulement deux représentations.... Geneviève espère bien être choisie pour le théâtre en septembre... Il y a une nouvelle sélection chaque année! J'ai confiance. Elle est vraiment bonne! :)

CanadianSwiss a dit…

Aaahhhh! "histoire torride d'amour, de passion et de trahison"... C'est bien comme ça que ça se passe en Espagne. Et aussi toujours le thème derrière une danse flamenco.

Gene est très belle et d'après tes photos, on y voit son talent naturel.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Merci, Sandra! J'aurais bien aimé voir la deuxième représentation. Il paraît que c'était encore meilleur! Sacrée tempête... :)

Ces a dit…

Oh yikes! That must have been a sight. You mean to say you continue the show even during the snowstorm? Why over here, school closes when there is thunder...just kidding. We close up during a very heavy rain because we start flodding. These actors look like they had a lot of fun. I must say these Canadian teens are very good looking, trim and fit. No super-size!

merlinprincesse a dit…

I think people are crazy here... As my mom say:"We live like if we were in California".... ;o) BUT we are so used to snowstorms... This year was exceptionnal and we had so much snow that the City had to open some more snow depots.... Imagine that... On those places, there is snow all over the year, cause the layers become ice... Not a very nice sight... Cause polluted melting snow becomes black... I should take a pic of that...

merlinprincesse a dit…

About Supersize (I saw the very good movie)... People are more supersized after menopause....:) And the director probably choose the nicest and best actors... Like in real life, when you're cute, you have more chances... But there are a few overweight kids here in Quebec.... Not as much as in other countries, though... (Like USA and Japan)...

Anonymous a dit…

I have missed too much! Clo looks beautiful and talented :)

merlinprincesse a dit…

The blog will always be there, Anon... For when you will have nothing to do *joke*! :)
Gene is talented. For now, she want to be an actress or a musician.... She's only 13 so there is still chance she will be a doctor... *other joke*