mercredi, avril 02, 2008


J'ai trouvé un site sur le net où à partir d'une photo personnelle, on peut se créer un caractère des Simpsons qui nous ressemble.... Hhehehe.... Il faut fournir une photo de soi et être patient car le téléchargement est long...Voilà.... C'est moi! :) Et Merlin!
I have found a site on the net where you can create an avatar of yourself looking like a Simpson. You have to upload a photo and be very patient. Uploading takes a certain time! Voilà!!! That's me and Merlin ! :)

Site: Simpsonize Me

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Anonymous a dit…

You and Merlin look so .... SIMPSONISED MerlinPrincesse! HAHHHAAAA. None of my photos worked .... must be the feathers.

merlinprincesse a dit…

In fact, Anon, I think it's NOT based on the pic I have sent, but more on the answers I have answered! At first, I had looong black hair...Mwhahaha! You can then choose some other features. And for sure, I then used Photoshop! :))))

ritadaphné a dit…

HAHHAAAAA!..Je vous aurais reconnus entre mille....Un air de famille......!

Mei Shile a dit…

Tante Rita m'a enlevé les mots de la bouche :-)!

Caroline a dit…

Very good however you made it!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Hhehe! Merci, Tante Rita et Mei! :) Quoi que ressembler à un Simpson...mmmmm.... ;o)

Thank you, Caroline! I love those little programs... :)

Ces a dit…

Haha! This is too cute.

Aravis a dit…

Ha! That's great! And you and Merlin are definitely the best-looking Simpsons cartoons I've ever seen, although I'm left wondering if Merlin is about to cough up a hairball? *G*

Esther Montgomery a dit…

You would be entertained if you could see what is happening here.

Snow is falling again. The street has errupted with excited children. The noise is incredible.

Parents are on doorsteps and looking out of windows.

One mum is filming it.

It is as exciting as if the sky were raining chocolates.

Some of the children have gone onto a nearby slope and are coming down it on skateboards - pretending they are on toboggans.

And hardly a flake is settling!


merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you CES.... I'm more cute in reality...heheheh....`;o)

Here, Princesse is the specialist of hairballs, Aravis! :) Thanks for "best-looking"... My skin is not yellow, though! ;o)

Yes, Esther... Snow is really magic when you don't live in it for 5 months.... In fact, at the beginning of Winter, we all feel a little bit like what you describe... But in April (especially this year) you begin to ask yourself if you're gonna see any leaf again... I think in 2007-2008, Quebec City has had the most snow of all Canada, including Nunavut and Nunavik... We had 517 cm.... arghhhhhhhhhhh! :) We are the winners!!!! We are the winners!!! Winners of what? MORE SNOW!!! Hhehehehe...