lundi, août 18, 2008


Tout à côté de l'Espace 400ième, il y a un instation végétale où on peut observer de bien belles choses! Il y a surtout cette forêt de bambous où on peut s'amuser à se perdre...
Near the "Espace 400e" place, there is a vegetal installation where one can see many beautiful things! There is especially the bamboo forest where it's pure fun to try to lose oneself...

J'y étais avec Clo et Gene.
I was there with Clo and Gene.

Pour marcher.
For walking.

Pas très large!
Really narrow!

Maman!!!! Je suiiiiis peeeeerduuuueeee!!!!¸
Mommy!!!!! I'm loooooooost!!!!!

Ai-je entendu quelque chose? :)
Did I hear something? :)

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Ces a dit…

Oooh I love bamboo. I have the clumping bamboo in my backyard. My dream is to buy land with giant bamboos, the ones that tower up to 100 feet tall. I hope you did not leave that beautiful teenager in the bamboo patch?

merlinprincesse a dit…

Waaaa! 100 feet! That is HIGH! Those are the first bamboos I see who are planted OUTSIDE here! I saw some in Vancouver, but they have a warmer climate there...:) We don't have the temperature for that kind of plant in Quebec... Seeing some outside was like a miracle for me! :)
My niece was clowning around... with my sis...

Caroline a dit…

What fabulous bamboos.

Reminds me of that film... um... well not quite enough reminding to bring back the title! Sorry!

merlinprincesse a dit…

WHAT FILM!!!!! arghhh*