samedi, avril 18, 2009


Lézard-Rat:"Willblob!!! Je t'ai apporté le meilleur sirop pour le rhume qui soit!!!!"
Willblob: "Ceci est une impossibilité!"
Lézard-rat:" Non non! Je t'assure, c'est le meilleur!!!!"
Willblob: "Je suis certain que c'est le meilleur.... mais c'est impossible qu'il fasse effet sur moi!"
Lézard-Rat: "Comment ça?"
Willblob:" T'as vu où je vis? DANS UN MARÉCAGE!!! C'est humide, un marécage!!! Je suis né avec le rhume, et je mourrai aves le rhume! " *snif*
Lézard-Rat:" Ah.... je comprends..... une impossibilité.... ouais..."
Wilblob: "Ouais..... Une impossibilité...."
Lézard-Rat:".... Ouais......"

Rat-Lezard:"Wilblob!!! I brought you the BEST cold remedy EVER!!!!"
Willblob:"This is an impossibility!"
Rat-Lezard: NO NO!!! I assure you it's the BEST!"
Wilblob:"I'm sure it's the best... But it's impossible it could work on me!"
Rat-Lezard:"How come"
Willblob:"You see where I live? IN A SWAMP!!!!! It's cold and wet, a swamp!!! I was born with a cold and I will die with a cold!" *snifff*
Rat-Lezard:"Ah! I understand.... An impossibility.... Yup...!"
Willblob:" impossibility

Pour/For Illustration Friday

Here is how I did this illo.

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Xovika a dit…

Tell him it's not impossible , there must be a way! And , viva Microns!

Ces a dit…

MP, somehow the lizard and willblob look more dashing than any lizard or willblob I have seen. Could it be because they speak French! Oy vey!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Xovika.... I think Willblob will try to move to the desert... hhehehe... Taking cold syrup all day long is NOT fun!!!! And all those side effects..... :)

CES, beside Français and English, they also speak Swaili, 中文 (the traditional one) and ]¶¤¤¶ (Martian)... OH! And Español and Deutsche Sprache.... ALAS! I don't... ;o)

kj a dit…

well! now that you said something so nice about me on studio lolo's blog, i am recommitting to you for frequent visits! i just love your energy. i still want to know what to call you here. do i have to type out 'merlinprincesse' every time? can i make up my own name for you? (heehee)

you've actually inspired me to draw with this post of yours, merlinprincesse (temporary term of affection until further notice).
i love microns and i never heard of water color pencils, but i love water color paints. so i am going to buy some of those pencils. if i end up drawing anything, it will be your fault.

one last thing: that 'monster' has the same soft shell and insides i think you have. the grin gives it away.

love to you, princessy (oh jeez).

Ces a dit…

MP, YES! Geminis Rock!!!

merlinprincesse a dit…

WOW! KJ!!!! My blogger friends call me MP.... It's easier.... Or Helene (without the accents, if you have an English Keybord) :) Thanks for the visit! I HOPE it will be my fault!!! Drawing is like meditation. CES knows all about it and could explain it better than me! :) Watercolour crayons are really my fave. They are soft, make beautiful colours and you have the choice to use water or not with them. Microns are a MUST! Just doodle with them and you will become an addict! My fave is the 01, but I often use the 005 for tiny details!
ps: My inside is very soft.... I cry all the time... this World is soooooooo .... well... I think you know...:) *snif*

merlinprincesse a dit…

Hey, CES!!!! Your comment went in while I was typing my comment.... heheheheh..... (I heard it arrive in my inbox).... I'm sure there are bad Geminis, but I LOVE all the ones I know! Especially the artists! :) And we are a bunch of Gemini artists! :)

CATI a dit…

ooooh!! hehe!
J'adore tant l'histoire comme l'illo!
Very very beautiful!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Merci, Cati! :)

kj a dit…

thanks for the encouragement and advice, mp. i got the water color pencils!


merlinprincesse a dit…

You will find back your child's soul with those crayons! :o)))