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En septembre 2009, j'ai décidé de faire une exposition d'ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). A date, j'ai fait 500 cartes et j'ai échangé la plus grande partie d'entre elles. Je voulais donc montrer les cartes de ma collection ainsi que celles de ma soeur Claudine et de ma nièce Geneviève. Toutes deux acceptèrent de m'aider! :)
Ce post est une troisième partie. Pour lire la première partie, vous pouvez regarder
Et la deuxième partie est ici.

In September 2009, I have decided to make an ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) exhibition. I have done 500 cards since February 2007 and have traded most of them. So I wanted to show some of the cards of my collection to people. I wanted to show some of my sis Claudine and my niece Gene too so I asked them and they both agreed to help me! :)
This post is a third part. To read the first part, you can take a look
And the second part is here.

Moi, le jour du vernissage...

Me on the opening day...

Ahhhh!!! Merci à mes amis de s'être déplacés!

Awww!!! Thanks to the friends who came!

Claudine regarde Claude... qui regarde nos cartes.

Claudine looks at Claude looking at our cards.

Quelques temps après le début de l'exposition, j'ai réussi (grâce à Claude) à rejoindre une journaliste du journal "Le Soleil". Elle s'est montrée intéressée à venir voir notre exposition et à écrire un article. La journaliste est venue avec un photographe. :)

Some times after the beginning of our show, I manage (thanks to Claude) to speak to a journalist from "Le Soleil" who was very interrested to see our cards and to write something about them. She came with a photograph. :)

La voici avec Claudine.

Here she is with Claudine.

Et ceci fut publié dans le journal ainsi que sur Cyberpresse le 12 décembre 2009... :o)

And THIS was published in the newspaper and on Cyberpresse on December 12th 2009... :o)

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maizzy a dit…

Congrats! ^_^ Cool you're in the newspaper! Fantastique! Even though its been like awhile, it's great that you share it with us. Thank you. I hope that your kitties [Princesse and Chausson] are doing well and you are too... Although, I been out of the net for a while I still remember you and your kitties. And just went by Merlin's blog, how it breaks my heart still, what an adorable kitty he was.

Take care, Maizzy =^.^=

PS: BTW, we are flickr buddies... ^_^

merlinprincesse a dit…

Hello! (I know we are Flick'r buddies hehehehhe)...
Chausson and Princesse are fine! Thanks for visiting!:)

roc a dit…

congratulations! that looks like it was a wonderful show! how nice to see my atcs, too. it was a really pleasant surprise! thanks for sharing it with me!!

merlinprincesse a dit…

My pleasure, Roc! :)

Clo a dit…

Oh! Sur Blogger, moi, ça fait longtemps... :)
C'est une belle publication et c'était une belle expérience!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Merci soeurette! :)

Tony LaRocca a dit…

Very cool, you're famous! :)

LDahl a dit…

Hello and a great big hug and THANK YOU! Fluffy arrived and looks even better in person. The Lab Rat made me giggle!! He has brought me luck as my computer would turn on and then turn right off again... thought something horrible (and expensive) was wrong with it, but at the repair shop they unseated the "ram" and reseated it and it fixed the problem at no cost. Fluffy must have helped with the Ram...heheh!
Glad to see you are famous now, can we still be friends? :)))
Thanks again!

merlinprincesse a dit…

@ Tony... Nope I'm not... ;o)
@ Lilah... Nope I'm not... Glad Fluffy made it to your home....and is brigning luck to your pc heheehhe....
If I would be famous, my salary would go up, people would ask me for autographs and men would be at my feet.... Nothing different is happening.... :P

ritadaphné a dit…

Oui,j'ai encore cet article dans le journal et tu y étais fabuleuse! Merci l'artiste...!

esther a.k.a. craftyvox a dit…

Awesome idea to spread the fun of ATCs!