dimanche, février 04, 2007


Les cartes à jouer!
Playing cards!

Elle a gentiment voulu poser.
She kindly posed for me.

Le plus beau des lions!
The most handsome lion!

C'est Papa-Clown, le papa de la meilleure amie de Gene. Sa profession, c'est vraiment clown!
This is PapaClown, one of Gene's friend daddy! He really is a clown!

Et OUI! Le monstre vert était encore là cette année!!!!
And YES, the green monster was there this year!!!!

3 commentaires:

Hellcat a dit…

ME ....OW! Most hansome Lion indeed

AphotoAday a dit…

Looks like a real party to me...

merlinprincesse a dit…

Yes, Anon!!! Should be in Mademoiselle Princesse group...Hhehehe.! Oups...Merlin said NEVEH!!!!

Don: I was freezed to the bones but yes, t'was fun after all!!!1 :)