lundi, mars 10, 2008


Tout a commencé dans la soirée de samedi. La tempête s'est poursuivie toute la nuit et s'est terminée au petit matin. Jamais je n'avais vu de pareils vents. Les rafales allaient jusqu'à 100 km/hre... Je n'ai pas dormi de la nuit. C'était assez effrayant.
Maman a manqué d'électricité vers 11 heures le samedi soir. Dans la journée, la température de sa maison avait baissé à 54°F (12°C) Mon frère est allé déblayer sa porte et ma soeur et moi, accompagnées de Gene, lui avons apporté de la soupe.
Je manque de temps, mais espère vous montrer quelques photos d'ici la fin de la semaine. :)

All began on Saturday evening. The storm raged all night with some squalls at 100km/hour... I did not sleep at all. It was frightening.
The electricity was OUT at mom's house at about 11 pm on Saturday evening. During the day, the temperature of her house had lowered to 54°F (12°C) My brother went to clear her house front door and my sister and me, accompanied with Gene, brought her some soup.
I miss time but hope to show you some photos before the weekend.:)

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Anonymous a dit…

Take care of yourself also MerlinPrincesse!

Caroline a dit…

Oh yes do take care! And I hope your mother is fine. Does she have any other way to make it warm?

Our share of the storm over here has been much less exciting... some garden furniture has been blown over... though on the coast there have been some tremendous waves.

Interesting to be in a half-global storm... even if we are only on the fringes...

merlinprincesse a dit…

I do, Anon! :) I mean I try...Hheheh...

I am going to post today, Caroline. You will see! We made a nice fire and were all around it... NO NOT SINGING SCOUTS SONGS! ;o)
And I've seen the horrible storm in Europe, yesterday on teevee! There has been storms in many places in the World! :( Sister got a garden furniture (a patio table) on her second floor apartment... It was in pieces... (U know, those white plastic tables) Was it yours? ;o)

Joy Eliz a dit…

all I can say is "BRRRRR!"
Hang in there, it will be spring soon:)

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thanks, Joy! In 2 weeks, should be Spring at last! :))))))))