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Les cartes d'artiste échangeables (ou ATC) sont des oeuvres d'art miniatures sur des cartons de 2,5 par 3,5 pouces, le format des cartes sportives. Toutes les techniques sont permises et n'importe qui peut les produire. Les ATCs sont signées, datées et titrées au verso puis échangées pour d'autres cartes. Les échanges sont de une pour une et aucun argent n'est impliqué.

Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art creates on 2,5 X 3,5 inches card stock, the size of sports trading cards. All techniques are allowed and anybody can produce them. ATCs are signed, dated and titled on the back then traded away for ATCs made by others. Money never exchanges hands and all trades are one-for-one.

ArtDolls ATCs...
Quand j'étais petite, j'adorais jouer avec des poupées en carton. Quand ma mère a jeté toutes mes poupées, j'étais très triste... Mais jamais je n'ai perdu la passion des poupées, qu'elles soient en tissus, en plastique ou en papier.
Les poupées d'art sont aujourd'hui très populaires. De nombreuses revues y sont dédiées, et plusieurs artistes se sont mis à créer des ATCs sous formes de poupées. L'année dernière, j'ai moi-même dessiné des ATChats... :) Repliées, elles ont l'air d'ATCs ordinaires. Leurs têtes, leurs bras et leurs jambes sont articulés.
When I was a little girl, I loved to play with paper dolls and I was very sad when my mom throw them away. But I've never lost the love for dolls. All kind of dolls, from ragdolls to plastic dolls to paper dolls...
Art dolls are today very popular. Many magazine are specialized on that subject, and a lot of great artists have begun to create some artdolls ATCs. Last year, I have done some ATCats... :) They look like regular ATCs but they have articulated heads, legs and arms.

Ma première carte ATChat... Je l'ai toujours. Toutes les autres ont été échangées!
My first ATCardCat... I still have it but all the others have been exchanged!

J'aimais bien les petits poissons sur celle-ci!
I loved the fishes on that one!

Ma préférée de la série. C'est Clo qui l'a maintenant.
My fave in that set. Clo now owns it.

J'ai fait plusieurs cartes de ce type: les déesses-chattes!
I have made many cards of that style: my cat-goddesses!

J'ai créé cette carte pour un échange sur (site disparu). Le thème était Halloween Zetti...
I have created this card for a swap on (this site doesn't exist anymore). The theme was Halloween Zetti.

Jolie carte créée par Carole Schmidt, un de mes contacts sur
Cute card created by Carole Schmidt, one of my contact on

J'adore cette carte faite par ma soeur, Clo. Les couleurs sont magnifiques.
I really love that card made by Clo, my sister. The colours are beautiful!

Ma nièce Gene a aussi créé ses propres poupées-ATC. Ce sont ses poupées vaudous. Elles sont mignonnes comme tout. Chacune d'entre elle prend presque une journée entière à faire. Pour le moment, Gene ne veut pas les échanger... :)
My niece Gene has created a cute set of ATCs artdolls. Her vaudou dolls. It take at least one complete day to make just one doll and Gene is not ready to exchange them yet... :)

Les voici, de gauche à droite: Mumu (robe noire), Sisi (robe à patches), Bobo et Yoyo(robe bleue)!
Here they are from left to right: Mumu (black dress), Sisi (patches dress) Bobo and Yoyo (blue dress).

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Anonymous a dit…

WOW these are the best paper dolls I've ever seen MerlinPrincesse! Gene and Clo are also very talented :)

King Jack a dit…


Hey ... these ones might taste good ;) They are colourful like ME!!

Aravis a dit…

Such great designs! Whimsical and fun. :0)

Caroline a dit…

These are all amazing!

I love the way you've got so much life into them with their arms and legs moving.

These are the first ATCs to make me think I really ought to give them another go.

Bimbimbie a dit…

I'm bobbing up and down in agreement with Anony ... woweee*!*

So much detail in all of these ... your niece has a great imagination*!*

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thanks for them, Anon! I will tell them! They will be proud! They like you very much (and Jack too). They can't visit cause their PC id broken... OH! I have to tell ya! Yesterday, a baby black bird came into Clo's shop... All lost. It was able to fly a bit so she put him back outside. For a moment, though, she almost (heheheh) thought to keep it and name it Jack... :) I told her it was NOT a good idea and told her the story of Mini! Taking care of a baby bird is a 24 hours job!!!! :)

SCAT JACK!!!Those are NOT edible dolls! And the vaudou ones are very very dangerous.... *teehee*

Yes, Aravis! I think I will do more! I am on vacation for 10 days and need a pep creation session!

The most difficult thing, Caroline, is to imagine a design... But once you have begun, you can't stop! If you make any and are considering an exchange, I would be honoured! :)

My niece is very talented in many ways, Bimbimbie. She plays music and draw and make little movies and take pics.... :) And she's a good girl... for now...Hhehehe. Just the beginning of her teen age... I guess she will never be MY GODDAUGHTER, THE DOCTOR... heeheheheh.... PS: Practicing tsup tsup! :)

Bimbimbie a dit…

Tsup*!* how would you suggest a beginner starts off making their first simple ATC I'm going to have a go I think*!*

merlinprincesse a dit…

Will e-mail ya, Bimbimbie! :)

Anonymous a dit…

Oh yes! Taking care of a baby bird is a 24 hour job, pleased your experience with Mini has helped :) The Blackbird's Mother was probably close by, I'm sure it's okay now ;)

Hello Clo and Gene!!!

merlinprincesse a dit…

This was not a Blackbird... :) It was a black bird... In French, it's called Étourneau Sansonnet (Sturnus Vulgaris). It was an European Starling. They are pests here, but they have a beautiful song! :) The bird's mother was indeed calling her babies! Since the little bird came TWICE in her shop, Clo thinks there were two twitties! :)