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Mardi le 8 août 2006
Tuesday August 8th 2006
Ce matin là, nous nous sommes levées tôt. Comme d'habitude, nous allons déjeuner au "Two Parrots" au coin de la rue Granville. Nous allons ensuite dans un café Internet pour lire nos messages. Nous revenons à l'hôtel puis décidons d'aller acheter une bouteille de vin pour le dîner. Nous avons été invitées par Miss Andrea Pratt! Nous devons cependant attendre jusqu'à 11heures pour que le magasin ouvre. En attendant, je visite la ruelle et je prends de belles photos des grafittis! Je vous les montrerai...plus tard! :)
That morning, we got up early. As always we take Breakfast at the "Two Parrots" on the corner of Granville Street. We then go to an Internet Cafe, to take our messages and come back to the hotel. Then we decide to buy some wine. We have been invited by Miss Andrea Pratt for Lunch! The store opens only at 11, so I visit the alley behind the hotel and take some nice pics of grafittis. I'll show them to you later... :)

Mei attend que le magasin de vins ouvre!
Mei is waiting for the Liquor Store to open!

7 commentaires:

Aravis a dit…

I loved that parrot mural!

Caroline a dit…

I agree that parrot is wonderful.

You are welcome to come and have lunch here if you like!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Yes Aravis, it was nice! And the food was very very good! We went there every morning of that week in Vancouver. The last day, I could not go because of my accident. I had to stay in the room and Mei went alone. The waitress asked about me and was really sad that I was not well.... I will tell about the accident later... :)

Hey, thanks for the invitation, Caroline! :) Maybe when I will go to Clovelly, in a few years... hehehhehe.. :)

King Jack a dit…

I can only see ONE Parrot! BWARK!

merlinprincesse a dit…

I KNOW, King Jack! Isn't that strange?!!??!?! };-}

Caroline a dit…

Good idea - it is rather a long way to go to see Clovelly without also stopping for lunch somewhere ;-)

merlinprincesse a dit…

AH! I've checked on Google Map for fun.... It's only 2 and a half hours drive from Bristol to Clovelly! The same distance as Quebec-Montreal! :)))) But I guess it will not be for this year...heheheheh.... ;o)