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Mardi le 8 août 2006
Tuesday, August 8th 2006
Je connaissais Andrea depuis un certain temps grâce à Blogger, et c'est avec gentillesse qu'elle nous a invité à dîner chez elle, lors de notre séjour à Vancouver.
I knew Andrea from Blogger and she kindly invited us for Lunch, when we came to Vancouver.

Elle et sa famille vivent dans une belle maison en banlieu de Vancouver. Il y a de magnifiques tableaux sur ses murs... Hhehehe... Devinez de qui??? mmmm? :)
Andrea lives with her family in the suburban Vancouver. She has a nice house and some wonderful work of art are all over the place.... Whose painting are those???mmmm???? :)

La chatte n'était pas de bonne humeur de nous voir... Nous étions dans SA maison...
The owner of the house, the cat, was not really happy to see us...

Pas encore elle... Saleté de photographe!
Not her again... Darn photoghaph!

Le chien était par contre très gentil.... Malheureusement, Zappa nous a quitté en début d'année.
But the dog was really kind. Sadly, Zappa died at the beginning of 2008.

Andrea au diner. Elle a l'air tellement jeune!

Andrea at Lunch. She looks like a teen!

Voici le tableau que j'ai acheté pour moi.

This is the painting I bought for myself.

Et celui pour ma soeur, qui gardait mes chats pendant mon voyage.
And this one for my sis who was taking care of the cats while I was away.

Lapin Poulain était là aussi!
Lapin Poulain was there too!

12 commentaires:

Caroline a dit…

This is a great peek inside Andrea's house! Thank you...

merlinprincesse a dit…

You're welcome, Caroline. It was a nice Lunch and Miss Andrea is quite a lady! :)And a great artist!

andrea a dit…

What a fantastic thing to wake up to, MP. Thank you for this post. I will mention it on my blog! (And visit more often. I've been so bad about visiting blogs lately.)

merlinprincesse a dit…

It was a pleasure, Andrea!
I must say I'm a bad visitor those days too! :(

Sandpiper a dit…

These are wonderful pictures. Such fun to see them all!

Aravis a dit…

Wonderful artwork. The expression on the cat's face is so... cat-like! *G* Sorry to read about Zappa. She was beautiful.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you Sandpiper!

Cat was annoyed, I think... :) And yes for Zappa, Aravis. T'was a good dog and young.... :(

San a dit…

I came over from Andrea's. Beautiful visit. And beautiful paintings you've snagged. Congratulations!

ritadaphné a dit…

Fioouuu!!! Tu vas trop vite pour pôôôôvre petite moi..
Je suis en amour avec ce piano....!!!!!!

Hello Andréa, belle et grande artiste!
Je love your style off painting.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you for the visit, San! All of Andrea's painting are beautiful and choosing was a bit difficult.

Et moi qui trouve que je vais trop lentement.... Bisous petite tante! :)

Anonymous a dit…

You've been mass blogging and not telling me! I can't keep up!

merlinprincesse a dit…

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!! I have a friend called Anon who is blogging EVERY DAY!!!! ;o)