jeudi, juillet 03, 2008



Les cartes d'artiste échangeables (ou ATC) sont des oeuvres d'art miniatures sur des cartons de 2,5 par 3,5 pouces, le format des cartes sportives. Toutes les techniques sont permises et n'importe qui peut les produire. Les ATCs sont signées, datées et titrées au verso puis échangées pour d'autres cartes. Les échanges sont de une pour une et aucun argent n'est impliqué.
Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art creates on 2,5 X 3,5 inches card stock, the size of sports trading cards. All techniques are allowed and anybody can produce them. ATCs are signed, dated and titled on the back then traded away for ATCs made by others. Money never exchanges hands and all trades are one-for-one.


Pour faire ces cartes, j'ai d'abord pris un papier de bonne qualité. Avec de l'acrylique, j'ai ensuite recouvert toute la surface avec la méthode du "dripping".
Il faut utiliser une matière très liquide qu'on laisse tomber sur la feuille. J'ai ensuite créé des petits rectangles de la grandeur des ATC, puis j'ai dessiné à l'encre les images qui apparaissaient devant mes yeux... :) Les titres ont été ajoutés à la toute fin...

To make those cards, I first used a very good quality paper. With acrylics colours, I have covered all the surface using the "dripping" method. Use a very liquid acrylic that you drop on the paper. I then cut some rectangles to the ATC size and have drawn the things that were appearing before my eyes... :) Then at the end only, I added the titles...

La Bête mangeuse de roches.
Rock-Eating Beast.

Carpes Roses
Pink Kois

En retard pour le travail!
Late for Work!

La planète aux trois Soleils rouges.
Planet with Three Red Suns.


Au fond des Mers

Under the Sea


Licorne à plumes avec un dos picotté.
Feathered Unicorn with Dotted Back.

L'Homme avec des Fleurs à la place du Cerveau.
Man With Flowers Instead of Brain.

Au fond des mers II
Under the Sea II

7 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

Didn't realise this was going to be a regular Thursday post :) Love the drippy effect!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Regular till I don't have anything more to say..... I think you have one of those, Anon? ;o)

Anonymous a dit…

Yes, I have a drippy ATC from you! HAHHAA :)))

Caroline a dit…

Love these - they stretch the imagination!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Hope it's not still dripping, Anon! Mwhahahahahhahahahahah!

That is the goal, Caroline! Doing that, you realize how the mind is always trying to see things even in the most abstract surrounding! It's called anamorphose! :)

Bimbimbie a dit…

Ohhhh and ahhhh ... magical, they all have a life of their own ... Bravo*!*

I haven't made a start yet ... but I have gathered most of the supplies together - I'm wondering about using glossy magazine pages to wrap the card in - have you tried it before?

merlinprincesse a dit…

You can try anything, Bimbimbie!!! I have used some glossy images from magazines... But the glue has to be stronger than with the matte stuff! I've seen all kind of things on ATCs... Beads, charms, metal, metalic paper, wool..... The fun part is trying new things... :) Sometimes it does not work... And sometimes it does. I don't think using glossy paper would be a problem.... I have seen glossy paper on the back of some cards and small envelopes made to put the ATC into it.... There are no rules! :)