samedi, juillet 05, 2008


Vus au Jardin du Dr Sun Yat-Sen en Août 2006.
Seen at the Sun Yat-Sen Garden in August 2006.

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Anonymous a dit…

Beautiful! Lovely capture of fish and ducks amongst the lillies! Even the duck up ending! Hhehee

Lavender a dit…

WOW! What great and interesting shots - looks a fabbo place to spend a day.....bottoms up! ROFL!

merlinprincesse a dit…

The pic of the little mooning duck is one of my fave! :) Soooo cute! This was a rather nice place to take pics, girlzzzz! :)

Aravis a dit…

Those are some really beautiful photos! I especially like the close-ups of the duck among the lily pads.

Bimbimbie a dit…

I love the mooning duck photo ... was he looking for the funny coloured shark who was trying to hide amongst the water lilies*?*

merlinprincesse a dit…

Those I like too, Aravis! One can see each small detail in the feathers! :)

Shark? hehehe BIMBIMBIE!!! It was just a BIG Koi fish! I can only tell you that those ducks can keep their breath for a looooong time! They are goood! :)

Caroline a dit…

Lord love a duck!

And Koi too of course.

ritadaphné a dit…

Cette carpe me rend triste!
On dirait que son dos est entaillé
et sa peau tachée de sang!