mercredi, juillet 16, 2008


J'ai reçu les résultats de la biopsie ce matin!!! Merlin a probablement une infection d'un ganglion. Rien de trop grave!!!! Merci à tous ceux qui ont prié, envoyé de l'énergie positive, médité, planté des arbres...... Ça m'a beaucoup aidé à traverser cette difficile semaine. Je vous embrasses tous!
I have received the results of the biopsy this morning!!! Merlin probably only has a ganglion infection. Nothing too bad!!! Thanks to all who have prayed, send energy and good vibes, done some meditations, planted some trees..... This has helped me a lot during that very difficult week. I kiss you all!
Anon and Bwark
Sandra et Dale
Tante Rita
Olivier et Merlin
Et tous ceux qui sont venus visiter plusieurs fois sans laisser de message! ;o)

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kj a dit…

oh my. i've been stopping in at the wrong blog! i've missed the scare, but am glad to arrive when the news is all good.

i like the way you use words, merlinprincesse!


Anonyme a dit…

Super ! J'éteins la bougie.
Gros bisous Merlin et sa famille ;)

Anonymous a dit…


We didn't even have to wait for the good news until Monday! I'm a poet and know it! SMILING!!!

Lavender a dit…

Hooray! Break open the tuna - its party time!!!! Hooray!

Aravis a dit…

I'm soooo happy and relieved for you! Knowing that Merlin's problem is easily treatable is such great news... thanks for letting us know!

Bimbimbie a dit…


Wonderful news ... my three send miows, miows, miows to the gorgeous Merlin *!*

CanadianSwiss a dit…

Quelle bonne nouvelle! Dale et moi sommes bien content de lire un résultat positif!

Bisous et frôlades :)

Ces a dit…

Wonderful! Whew! A great relief. So Is Wise Merlin now learning to sew? What are those? Accupuncture without the needles, so use thread instead? Hehehe?

Really wonderful news!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you, KJ! I'm glad you missed the sad part too! :) I was so scared... And crying all the time... I'm the excessive kind... blah!

Merci pour la bougie, Olivier! :) Grosses bises a toi et à ton Merlin! :)

You're an angel, Anon! :) Those wings are angel's wings! Thanks a lot for the support, my friend! :)
We had a salmon snack yesterday, Lavender. Salmon for moi and salmon juice for kitties! *hic*

The thanks must be for you, Aravis! Virtual friends support was really important for me! :)

Bisous to your 3 mieowing beauties, Bimbimbie! :) And thanks to you!

Mademoiselle envoie à Dale ses plus respectueuses frôlades, Sandra! ....pendant que Merlin ne regarde pas!

LAUGHING, CES! This is a test we make with Merlin just to see how patient he is.... And HE IS!!!! :) But I like the idea of acupuncture without needles! :)))))))

Baino a dit…

Bonjour Princesse de Merlin je t'ai rendu visite mais je n'ai jamais laissé un commentaire . . and as you can probably tell, I cannot speak French! I'm happy you have good news.However can you tell me what your Avatar is? Seriously, it's killing me . .

merlinprincesse a dit…

Hello Baino! :) I know some people visit without commenting... And I find it OK! :) I do the same!
WHAT!!!!! YOU don't know the fabulous mermaid with wiskers? :) It was a joke between Anon and me. Visiting cats are not very welcome on birdie blog. When I visit as Mademoiselle Princesse, I tend to have sarcastic comments... :) At first, my avatar did not have whiskers... I had this Mermaid drawing.... I transformed it in photoshop adding some whiskers... So I can now visit as an incognito cat... Hhehehe...

merlinprincesse a dit…

Oups.... the link is wrong.... I have a drawing of a mermaid on My Etsy.... :) But I can't give you the link.... :(

Caroline a dit…

I am so glad to hear Merlin is going to be okay!

(Sorry I've not been around much - I've not disappeared off the planet just off the computer for a bit... hope to be back in another week or so)

merlinprincesse a dit…

I'm in and out of Blogger too, Caroline! After all, we have a life to live..hehhehe. ! :) Glad to see you anytime! :)

andrea a dit…

BBravo! That is very good news indeed. I'm very happy for you both!

Mini a dit…


merlinprincesse a dit…

Thank you, Andrea! I know you know what it is to loose a pet....

Hello Mini! Glad to see you back! *tsuptsup*

marc a dit…

Je suis heureux pour Merlin et pour toi.Je pourrais encore de temps en temps voir ses aventures sur ton blog.
passe une bonne semaine et bon rétablissement à Merlin.

merlinprincesse a dit…

Merci pour tes bons voeux, Marc! :)