mardi, septembre 05, 2006


J'ai déjà envoyé un image similaire il y a quelques temps. Ce sont mes souliers de graduation. Je pense que je les ai achetés en 1969. Je me rappelle qu'ils étaient très inconfortables. :)
I had already posted a similar image. Those are my graduation shoes. I think they are from 1969. I remember them as very uncomfortable! :)

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Ginnie a dit…

1969 was the year I got married--in September. Yesterday would have been our 36th anniversary :) As it was, we made it to 21, which was pretty darn good, considering! Isn't it funny how we remember the milestones of our life by something as simple as shoes!

merlinprincesse a dit…

Yes, that is true. I don't have those shoes anymore. I gave them to Clo so she can try to sell them in her store. The photo was taken there. Sometimes, we have to get rid of our past! :)